Introducing: Canoe Place Creative

My last post was about my one true love, Photography. This one is about my second business, Printing. In 2017 I bought this business, got married, moved back to my hometown, and bought a house all in the span of a few months. Go big or go home, right? One thing I think you’ll realize when you get to know me is that I love change. I really do. This is one of the reasons I left my wonderful product photography job and struck out on my own. I can’t keep my feet planted. It’s why I love photography. It’s why I love owning my own business. It’s why I love travel, especially road trips.

A sample of a guestbook available at One of the true merges between my print business and my photography business. (Photo also shot by me See, they are kind of merged but not enough. Soon though!

I had been shooting weddings for a good long time by the time I bought Canoe Place Creative. Canoe Place Creative is a print business focusing on canvases, stickers, and small-runs of posters. The reason I bought the business was to supplement the photography business, but that kind of got away from me over time. That changes now. Real talk: For the past year or so I feel like the print business has actually taken away from my wedding photography business. Not good. I’m not giving up though. I think there is a way to do both wonderfully and I’m going to find it come hell or high water. Now, with this blog and soon to be website, they will be combined into my own personal brand. This brand is everything I’m doing all rolled into one. It will be canvases, stickers, and posters from Canoe Place Creative, Photography from Lacey Barber Photography, and Blog Posts from my brain. I want this to be me. I want it to be a non-bulshitty personal brand. I want my freedom back. I hope you’ll join me!

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